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Four Types of Keno Games

Keno Basics

Keno is a type of lottery and is played in the casinos. It first appeared in China two millennia ago and even though it has changed much since then, it is still the entertaining game of luck that lets people win big for a small bet.

It is easy to play keno. Each keno game is divided into two parts. In the first part, you pick from 80 numbers whatever you think will win. In the second part of the game, the casino draws numbers and those who had guessed the numbers correctly win cash prizes. How much you are paid if you win depends on how many numbers you wagered on and how many of them you hit, as well as the keno pay schedule of the casino.

Now what are the four types of keno games you can play?

Casino Keno

This type of keno is the "original." Casino keno can be played in every corner of the house. You will know this by the signs on boards and tables with instructions on how to play and results of the latest keno draws. You can play keno even when in the middle of another game or having a free meal. However if you want to focus on the game, you can play in a dedicated keno room.

Casino keno resembles the lottery a lot. But unlike the lottery, you don't have to wait a week for the draw. Another advantage of casino keno is that it is played slowly. Players mark off their picks manually and the caller announces one number at a time. So less money is wagered over time. If you are on a budget, casino keno can be good for you.

Online Keno

The virtual type of keno is more convenient than the traditional one. Online keno can be played at home, at the point and click of a mouse. It can come in different forms, from simple number representations to high-end graphics and accompanying sound effects. But the basics are the same. You just click at the numbers you want to bet on and wait for the instant draw.

An obvious advantage of this type of keno is that it is played at a faster pace. You can play 10-30 times faster than in casino keno. So this choice is good for people who crave action. But be careful because faster play can also mean losing money faster!

Video Keno

This is a video-based version of keno, like video blackjack and video poker. If you don't want to play with other humans, you can go to the nearest video keno machine in the casino and play it solo. This type of keno can be played online or in the house.

Free Keno

If you have read this far and are still uncertain about playing keno, this one might convince you to try it. Yes, you can play free keno. Many web sites offer this game for free, letting you experience it without risking real money. Some free keno sites even offer real prizes such as comps or casino credits.