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Enjoying and Winning Basic Keno

Basic keno is a game of luck in getting right number choices. It is easy to play and enjoy. It's a simple way of choosing number combinations and betting on them.

First, in basic keno, we need to choose up to 20 numbers found on a card. The card has a total of 80 numbers in 8 rows of ten each. We bring the marked card to a writer with a bet - a wager that the 20 numbers we chose would be among those drawn during the next game. That's basic keno.

Or, a keno player may be in any part of a casino, like a restaurant, and ask a runner to take the player's marked card and a bet to the keno writer. A keno ticket is then brought to the player. The basic keno minimum bet is $1, the house minimum. When the time comes for drawing numbers, 20 are drawn. When our ticket wins (our 20 numbers were drawn) we get paid based on a pay schedule. That's basic keno.

To make basic keno clearer let's take this for instance: in one casino, if we have a 4-spot ticket with a $1 bet and 2 numbers make a hit, our bet is returned to us. If 3 numbers hit we get $5. If all 4 numbers hit we get $120. However, in another casino, a 3-number hit would probably give us $6 while an all-4 hit $125. Other casinos may give $5 and $110, respectively.

In keno, a straight ticket is one where the marked card has a single bet. This is the very basic keno play and bet. However, we have the option to bet on more than one combination - like the so-called "way" ticket. It works this way: if we mark out 6 numbers, we may circle two groups of number of three numbers each. Then we indicate "2/3, 1/6" on the ticket side and bet $3 - a dollar for every two 3-spot grouping or combination, plus the 6-spot.

In basic keno, we may also opt to circle a number by itself called a king, and the ticket, a king ticket. This number shows in all groupings marked. For instance, we choose the 7th number as the king by encircling it. We indicate "2/4, 1/7" and bet two 4-number groupings, with the king showing in every 3-number combination, plus the total 7 numbers.

With the above simple illustrations, we may start to play basic keno and then gradually learn more betting methods and number combinations.