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Increase One's Odds By Playing Top Bottom Keno

Keno is a gambling game that is not preferred by some gamblers because it has a big house edge. The house edge of this game is not controlled by gambling authorities which is one of the reasons why many casino owners out a great house edge on it. For those who do not have enough knowledge about its house edge, it ranges from four per cent to almost 60 per cent. However, there are some versions of the game that have lesser house edges like top bottom keno.

Aside from having a smaller house edge, top bottom keno is famous to players because they have better odds if they play it. Basically, the main objective of this game is for players to predict which set of numbers, the top numbers and the bottom numbers, will most of the numbers generated by the machine belong. The top numbers range from one to 40 while the bottom numbers range from 41 to 80.

In order to play the game, the first thing that players should do is to place a bet on either the top section or the bottom section. After a player has chosen the set, the machine will draw or generate twenty numbers. The payouts that will be received by the player are dependent on the rate of numbers that will be found on the top section and the bottom section.

If most of the numbers drawn by the machine can be found on the set where the player has placed a bet, then the player wins. In case ten of the numbers are found on the top section and the remaining ten are found on the bottom section, then the player loses.

In top bottom keno, there is a particular payout schedule followed by casinos or other gambling facilities. According to the standard payout schedule, if all of the numbers chosen by the machine belong to the set that the player has selected, then the bet placed by the player will be multiplied to 12,500. The base payout will start if 11 of the numbers drawn by the machine appear on the set selected by the player.

Top bottom keno is highly recommended by professional gamblers when new players want to play keno because they will have better chance in this game. Beginners are suggested to ask professional top bottom keno players for advice regarding the worst and best moves that they can make in the game to be assured that they will not incur several losses from this keno version.